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All Lessons 1-Hour  ...taught by Tampa Bay's Best
All Lessons Free  ...with Paid Admission to Event
No Partner Needed       No Prior Experience Needed
All Levels Welcome!       All Ages Welcome!


  Swing Time offers dance classes at the start of every event, including before each Wednesday's Gulfport Casino Swing Night.  Every class runs one hour and covers all the basics you'll need that night, plus a variety of more-advanced steps and moves.  One of our goals is to get newcomers — including those with zero prior dance experience — rapidly up to speed so they can enjoy dancing the rest of the evening.  We also strive to cover moves and topics that will benefit experienced dancers.  In fact, experienced dancers often take our classes to pick up new moves and new dances too!  Whether you're just beginning or have been dancing for years, these classes are a great social as well as learning experience.  We rotate partners throughout each class, so you'll get to meet and practice your dancing with dozens of people!


  A lot of people of all ages attend the dance classes before each event.  No partner is needed (though you are welcome to bring one).  Many new people with little or no prior dance experience can be found taking each class, as can many experienced dancers.  Classes run one hour each, with a huge dance event afterward.  All events are well attended by dancers of all levels and ages from across Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.  Others regularly travel from all over the world to attend the Swing Time events!  If you're just beginning, we recommend that you take several of the East-Coast Swing classes to get started; just choose a few events and show up to the lesson at the beginning of each event.




  HUGE SELECTION OF CLASSES — One-hour, self-contained, large-group lessons.  Each class covers the basics, plus a variety of steps and moves.  Each class's steps and moves are different from the last class's.  We teach a huge variety of dancing in these lessons, with 100+ lesson plans (and growing all the time) covering thousands of steps and moves overall!  So you'll definitely learn something new every time!  Each lesson is fully self-contained, meaning you never need any prior knowledge to take it.


  None required...just drop in the night of event!


  Please arrive at or before the lesson start time.  Your class will start very soon after, and you'll want to catch the important steps that start each class.  We recommend dressy but comfortable shoes & clothes.  Each event provides a full bar (at which bottled water and a variety of drinks are available).  Bringing your own water or drinks is NOT permitted at these events.


  All classes are high-quality group lessons, taught by the area's top instructors, including the main two Swing Time instructors, whose bio's follow, plus uber-talented special guests!  Click Here for Swing Time's Instructor Bio's

Besides teaching people to swing dance, our event lessons emphasize social interaction and, most importantly, having fun!  Both the lesson and the dance are high-energy, exciting, and loads of fun!  Our lessons are a great way to get into the swing of things — at actual dances — where you'll both see and dance with people of all levels.

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