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All Lessons 1-Hour  ...taught by Tampa Bay's Best
All Lessons FREE  ...with Paid Admission to Event
No Partner Needed       No Prior Experience Needed
All Levels Welcome!       All Ages Welcome!

Charleston Dance Lessons in Tampa Bay Florida


GET MORE THAN JUST KICKS!  Most people think Charleston is all about kicks.  Well, kicks can be part of it, but they're just one of many footwork options.  In fact, what you do with your arms and your body is more important than what you do with your legs.  In these classes, you'll learn Charleston steps, plus how to work not just your legs, but your arms and body into the dance.  We'll cover partnering, leading and following, plus dozens and dozens of Charleston moves.  We'll get you feeling and dancing that Charleston!

The wildly popular Charleston dance started in the 1920's and became the biggest dance craze of all time!  With the advent of swing music, dancers incorporated Charleston kicks and steps into their swing dancing, and soon the swing version of the Charleston took on a life of its own.  Charleston, as a part of swing dancing, has kept evolving ever since, and today there are hundreds of moves/kicks/variations that are danced!  Our Charleston classes cover all of the major variations, plus give you a solid foundation for adding the rest.  Since swing dancing evolved directly from Charleston, roughly half of swing dancing today is Charleston-based.  So learning Charleston is not just an option for the swing dancer; it's essential to becoming a good swing dancer!

Our Charleston classes offer something for everyone from the beginning to the advanced dancer.  The Charleston moves and styles and variations taught will vary from week to week.  All Charleston classes stand on their own; you need not take one to take any of the others; but the more weeks you take, the better your Charleston dancing will be!  There are no prerequisites, and no partner is needed.  Shoes such as oxfords, saddle shoes, or sneakers are recommended for Charleston (ie, thick soles with no heels or minimal heels); heels higher than 1/2" are not recommended.


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