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No Partners Needed       All Ages       All Levels Welcome

Swing Dancing — Lindy Hop,  Balboa,  Charleston,  East-Coast Swing,  Shim Sham,  Collegiate Shag, 
Single-Time Swing,  Triple-Time Swing,  Rock'n'Roll,  Boogie Woogie,  Blues Dancing,  Foxtrot

Private Lessons,   Wedding Dances,   1st Dances,   Custom Choreography

Swing Dance Lesson at Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Tampa Bay Florida Swing Dance Lessons at Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Tampa Florida Swing Dance Class at Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Tampa Bay Florida Swing Dance Lessons at Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Gulfport Florida (St. Petersburg area in Tampa Bay FL) Swing Dancing Lessons at Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Tampa Bay Florida Swing Dance Instruction at Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Tampa Bay Florida

If you want to learn to swing dance... or if you'd like to advance your swing dancing... you've come to the right place!  Swing Time teaches the authentic swing dances — the same dances you've seen people do at nightclubs, at swing/dance events, in movies, and on the streets.  Whether you're a beginner or a veteran dancer, our goal is to get you dancing right away, to help you rapidly become a better dancer, and to make your social dancing experience the most fun and exciting it can be!  Swing Time offers classes that will expand & improve your dancing, no matter what your level.  Classes cover a variety of popular swing dances.  You'll even learn how to mix different dances.  In addition to group classes, Swing Time offers Private Lessons.



GET STARTED NOW — Just drop into the next Swing Time event and take the dance lesson before the event; dance as much as you can that night.  The next event, do it again.  Repeat....  At each event, we teach new steps, new techniques, new moves, and new styles of swing dancing, with hundreds of different lesson plans in all! ...and you can take as many of these free 1-hour event lessons as you like, in any order you like.  The more you take, the better your dancing will become.  When you want advanced or personalized instruction, sign up for one of our private lessons.

Swing Time has been offering these wildly popular dance classes for 20 years now, with the goals of: giving newcomers the skills they need to dance the night away; giving experienced dancers a bigger and better repertoire with every lesson they take; and building the overall spirit and enjoyment of the dance experience!  In that time, tens of thousands of dancers have passed through the ranks, including some of the top dancers you see on the scene today.  Experience for yourself why these are the best attended and most popular dance classes in the state of Florida!


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