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All Lessons 1-Hour  ...taught by Tampa Bay's Best
All Lessons FREE  ...with Paid Admission to Event
No Partner Needed       No Prior Experience Needed
All Levels Welcome!       All Ages Welcome!

Collegiate Shag Dance Lessons in Tampa Bay Florida Learn the exciting Collegiate Shag and make your dancing stand apart from the rest!  Collegiate Shag is the most popular dance from the swing era.  Back in the 1930's, Shag was especially popular among college students, who gave it their own energetic Collegiate style which survives to today...hence the name Collegiate Shag!  Today's swing dancers have resurrected Collegiate Shag, dancing it worldwide alongside dances such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, and East-Coast Swing.  In addition, today's dancers often fuse Shag steps into other dances, including all of the above!  Collegiate Shag can be danced to a variety of music — swing and otherwise — including the same music to which you might dance Balboa or East-Coast Swing.  Much like East-Coast Swing (and Foxtrot too), today's most popular variant of Shag has 6-count slow-slow-quick-quick footwork.  Back in the swing era, however, depending on where you danced, many other variants of Shag were also popular that mixed the slows and quicks in different combinations.  Regardless of variation, what sets Collegiate Shag apart (and gives it its signature look and feel) is its light hopping basic step...especially good for music with a driving, chugging beat.  Expand your swing/dancing repertoire by learning Collegiate Shag.

Swing Time's Collegiate Shag classes are designed for everyone, from novices who've never danced before, to experienced dancers who've been dancing several years.  There are no prerequisites, so anyone can drop in and take them.  All classes stand on their own; you need not take one to take any of the others; but the more you take, the better your dancing will be!  No partner is needed.


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